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Meet the Think Squad
Watch the video above to meet the Think Squad.

Every week, a diverse group of teens meet in secret at YouthVille Detroit. Their goal? Helping their peers to solve the science-based riddles that plague them. Like any good scientist, this is a group that works together to solve the mystery using the scientific method, by first establishing the problem (the Leader), observing data in the field (the Observer), encouraging their client to develop a hypothesis in the "Think Tank", and testing it in the lab (the Lab Rat).

And while each episode of Think Squad educates, entertains and inspires middle-school kids with colorful characters, cool science and the unique problems it presents, it also serves as a way to get today’s teens introduced to and engaged with exciting science and technology careers they might not have known about otherwise.

Every episode of Think Squad follows the same simple and straight-forward structure. A new middle-school student each week (known here as "the Client") walks in with some kind of problem. Alexis, the confident "Leader" of the Think Squad, gets the details of the case, while her "Assistant" Christopher scribbles down details.

Alexis then takes the problem to the rest of the group: "Observer" Cameron who works as a reporter for the school television station and "Lab Rat" Gary who would live in the Detroit Science Center if they let him. After they go over the problems presented by each case, they disperse to tackle their individual areas of expertise. Like gears in a machine, each talent or specialty they bring to the Think Squad will not solve the mystery on its own, but by working together they’ll find the answer.

So every week Cameron heads out to profile someone in a successful science-based career about what they do every day. But what’s she’s really doing is collecting the data necessary to start finding the answers. Once she learns everything she needs to know about the science behind the mystery, Alexis and Christopher then take their Client inside the "Think Tank." This is where the Client uses the data collected to arrive at their own hypothesis.

Once they arrive at a theory, Alexis sends it on to Gary, who - with the help of Sam at the New Detroit Science Center - tests the hypothesis in the lab. Then it’s back to YouthVille where the team revisits everything they’ve learned... and figures out what’s really going on. And what does the Client owe the Think Squad for this service? Nothing. The only think he/she owes them is that now he/she is a member of the Think Squad.

So if you’ve got a mystery that’s vexing you, remember...


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